Dear current and prospective medstudents,

My Name is Alex and I am a Foreign Medstudent in Pavia University in Italy, currently in my 5th year.

MEDstudents blog is bornBeing involved in this field of English Medical studies from the day of its birth, here in Italy, I got asked a lot of questions from prospective medstudents and created a website, back then, about the whole topic of admissions and general info.  www.MEDschool.it – grew to be a very important source of information about English medical studies in Italy, based on readers feedbacks.

There were a lot of topics I wanted to share and discuss about the whole experience of studying in one of those programs and living in this beautiful country – Italy. Give others a taste of how it is to live here among Italians and other international students.

If you are current or prospective medical student in one of the English Medical Degree Programs around Italy or just interested to get to know this relatively recently developed field of English Medical Education in Italy your are in the right place!

It is called MEDstudents for a reason

The purpose of this blog is to be a common-place for many medstudents from English Medical Degree Programs around Italy. A place where they could write about their University and their life. To allow them to familiarize other prospective students with their University from the student perspective, share their experience and create a small warm blogging community of future doctors.

So if you are one of those students who would enjoy sharing his once-in-a-lifetime experience studying medicine in Italy – let me know! Being a doctor is all about helping others and networking with (future) colleagues, so this is your chance!

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)
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