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I am a first year med student enrolled in the university of Bari. I would like to inform you about how the situation in Bari is like.
Last year before I did the IMAT I had no clue about the Italian universities and I assumed that I could find a good education everywhere! So I applied for Bari, without having any fundamental information, I just saw the website and I was attracted by the good climate of the south.

After passing the IMAT I moved to Bari in the summer 2013. Bari is a typical Italian city with a very beautiful old town (only the public transportation is very bad).
I got my timetable: Each day classes in the morning, starting usually from 9:00 am, ending at 1:00 pm. For the first semester we were supposed to have Biology, Genetics, Chemistry, Physics, Cytology, History of Medicine, Informatics, Psychiatry, Psychology.
At the university I got my first shock when I heard the professors speaking! Most of them have a very bad accent and you have to concentrate a lot to understand them. In general their presentations were very bad. They were unstructured, jumping from topic to topic, some slides in Italian, slides filled up with too much information written in small letters so that nobody could read. Basically most lectures were worth nothing and it was better staying at home and studying myself. One might say: “Ok, bad lectures, you can find that in any university”. True, but this was only the beginning of the bad story…

After a while more and more lectures were not taking place. There were often weeks without any lectures! And in those lectures taking place, the lectures weren’t made by a professor, but by an assisstant. Actually by several assisstants, one day this assisstant, a week later another. The assisstants had no idea what the previous one had already told us, so they were repeating often or left away important things, assuming that the previous one had already talked about it.

Then it turned out that there were no professors for some classes, even though those classes were written on the timetable. This was the case for physics, anthropology, psychiatry and informatics. This problem continues in the following semester, in which we should have anatomy, but there is no anatomy teacher! This is quite shocking, cause you cannot become a physician without having studied such an important subject like anatomy! Mamma mia…

The only good lectures that took place were the “History of Medicine” and the “Psychology” lectures, which were held by knowledgeable professors. The others were hard to understand, unorganized, often not taking place.

Ofcourse we have been complaining to the people in charge of the situation, but they don’t change anything. Instead they try to keep us motivated by telling us that we are pioneers here in Bari (it’s only the second year of the course taking place) and that we are facing the problems all pioneers have to face. Well, but what are you going to do later, when you enter a hospital as a doctor, and you make mistakes thanks to your lack of education, are you going to tell your patient: “I am really sorry, but you have to understand, I was studying as a pioneer in Bari, where we had not many lessons because I went to the university, when the university was not yet prepared to have students.”

So if you consider to study medicine at the “glorious” medschool of Bari, take this as a warning! However, I can recommend you to travel to Bari and take a look yourself.


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