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2014 IMAT updates

Update 13.05.2014

IMAT marks are out.
1. Check your mark at (login button on the right): MIUR 
2. fill the poll: RESULTS POLL
The poll above will be closed very soon in order to email you the results already this weekend.

Update 23.04.2014 – IMAT test venues adresses

For those who didnt see it yet, the exact adress where the IMAT will take place in each city and details of a contact person were pubblished on the universitaly website here


Update 04.04.2014 – number of candidates for 2014 IMAT is released, read more

Update 14.03.2014 – IMAT online subscription video guide

Update 04.03.2014 – Preferences by non-EU

The CINECA (who are the official body responsible for IMAT in Italy) have sent this message explaining how the selection of preferences will work for non-EU:

NON EU citizens [and non-EU with Italian residency] will have a ranking just in the first choice.
[eg. only your first University choice will be actually considered at the end, so choose wisely]
If they have no places available in that one they could apply for eventual free places in the other choices given in the registration.”
Consulenza CINECA
tel.: 051/6171959″
Note that the EU candidates, on the other hand, will have priorities as described before (eg. equal chances for all selected Universities, only IMAT result will matter and not how high you ranked the Uni in comparison with other candidates)

Update 03.03.2014

The admissions for IMAT are open. The official rules were posted in English on universitaly here (pdf)

UPDATE 21.02.2014

Official IMAT guide for 2014 was released. Read the translated summary here


UPDATE 16.02.2014

the application that was opened on Universitaly website on the 12th appears to be concerning only the Italian taught courses and it’s currently not possible to subscribe to IMAT. This info was formulated slightly ambiguously by the Ministry of education which lead to the misleading assumption that this round will include IMAT subscriptions as well. I am sorry for the inconvenience that this misunderstanding might have caused to you.

We are awaiting the release of the official IMAT regulations for 2014 to come out in the following days or weeks together with the IMAT subscription dates, test locations, fees and other info. I will inform you about any developments via the mailing list.


UPDATE 05.02.2014

The Ministry of education has released a decree regarding the Admission Exams in general, for this year (link in Italian).
  • The subscription for all admission tests NOT INCLUDING IMAT will be open from 12 February 2014
  • The whole procedure will be held online on the portal as last year.
  • Bonus points for GPA will NOT be given this year
  • reconfirmed that IMAT test will be held on 29 April 2014
  • Regarding the IMAT test specifically they’ve said: The modality, the contents of the test and available posts for the degree courses in Medicine and Surgery in the English language will be defined in a subsequent Decree“. 
  • This decree didn’t include any further IMAT specific details like English certificate bonus or such for the English IMAT, but the Italian counterpart (for the Italian Degree) will be 100 minutes long with 60 questions similar to the IMAT last year.
  • Minimal 20 points threshold will be needed this year in order to get to the ranks this year as well

So I hope the IMAT specific decree will come out in the following days. For now make sure you know which Unis you prefer the most (make a list of 3) hopefully the blog post here can help you decide.

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Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)

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Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)