Fees vary according to your wealth. Indeed, families with lower incomes can get a significant discount and annual fees might be as low as 350 euros (approximately). However, it requires a significant amount of paperwork and many weeks to get the so-called ISEE.

If you decide to skip this ISEE procedure (for example because you come from a privileged family), annual fees in la Sapienza IMS are around 3000 euros/year.

Edoardo T. (Rome)

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Edoardo Trovato has enrolled to Rome La Sapienza IMS in 2012. He was born and grew up in Modena, Italy. Always showing a great interest in science and particularly Medicine. Despite the abundance of medical programs in Italian, Eduardo has decided to go for the hard journey in a foreign language, as he firmly believes in the importance of internationalization. He chose La Sapienza for its worldwide fame and the charm of the eternal caput mundi. In 2013 he also set up a forum dedicated to his course. www.ims-sapienza.com
Edoardo T. (Rome)

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