The Minister of Education, Ms. Giannini, was talking about the medical admission exams during a “question time” meeting that was held on March 25 (Italian source).

She was explicitly referring to the foreign language exams (i.e., the English IMAT 2015 test for international medical schools in Italy). Mainly about two aspects:

  • The English IMAT 2015 and its Italian version will take place in “the first half or even the first 10 days of September“.
  • The number of questions in each category will be changed, in order to test better for “medical-related” rather then general knowledge. The decrease in the number of general knowledge questions is still being evaluated.

It is not an official (written) Ministry announcement yet, but just some preliminary info given by the Minister to the press. Therefore no precise dates were given at this stage.

The shift of the exam date from April to September was made in order to allow the Italian high-school students to finalize their graduation exams before taking the admissions test, and to offer some time to prepare.


If things will stay the same way as last year, then the subscription to the exam should open around 1-2 months before the exam date on the www.universitaly.it website. The test should be carried in the same international venues as last year. I will be updating with further news as it comes out.


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