Most of the clinical work will be done in two teaching hospitals:
● Policlinico Umberto I: an huge campus (second biggest in Italy), located right in front of La Sapienza main campus. It was completed at the beginning of the XX century.
● Sant’Andrea: a new hospital located in the North of the city.

Classrooms and Libraries

Classes 1st to 4th have their classrooms located in the main University campus. Whereas, classes 5th and 6th have them in Policlinico Umberto I. Libraries are ubiquitous, but usually small and there is no way to know beforehand whether a seat is available (unless you do it in the old way and text a friend who is there in that moment). It might be disappointing to find out that the number of computers is very limited, therefore students often need to carry their own laptop or tablet to the library. Free wifi is also present, but it is not as fast as we all wished. However, it grants free access to countless scientific journals.

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