The charm of Rome obviously needs no introduction. For what concerns daily life, this city obviously has a lot to offer, both during the night and day. Countless museums, historical sites and parks, shopping districts, both inside and outside the city.

Rome also features a “nearby” coast, which is particularly exciting during the summer. Believe me that six years won’t be enough to explore it inside out.

For nightlife, it all depends on which kind of person you are: you might prefer the more “ghettostyle” San Lorenzo district, with cheap food and drinks, or the more polish “Ponte Milvio” area, with elegant restaurants and bars, or the touristic city centre with the Montmartre-style Trastevere or simply the student’s district Bologna.

What you will definitely love about Rome, apart from the Colosseum, is the food. Each single bite of pizza and pasta encloses all our long tradition and passion for high-quality ingredients and ancient recipes.

Edoardo T. (Rome)
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