La Sapienza offers many experiences abroad. To start off, the Erasmus+ program now includes up to 24 months to be spent in one (or more than one) of the many european partners. The list includes european capitals like Madrid, Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

Students receive a monthly scholarship by the EU of approximately 200 euros. Additionally, La Sapienza also participates in some Erasmus Mundus programs, which mostly involve South America, Africa and Asia. The scholarship is usually significantly larger (approximately 1000 euros), but depends on the type of exchange.

Moreover, we are also allowed to go abroad as “visiting students”, meaning that we can spend a semester abroad anywhere we want (without the need of La Sapienza to have a formal affiliation with that University), provided that we get first admitted by the receiving institution and that we cover all the expenses.

Last but not least, scholarships are offered to encourage students to write their thesis abroad. However, to be note is that, any of such exchanges is dedicated to IMS students and therefore,given the large number of medical students in La Sapienza, admission is highly competitive. Admission is based on GPA and language proficiency (English or the language required).

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