45 students are admitted each year, whereof 10 non-EU and 35 EU. Admission is made exclusively on IMAT score. No interviews or personal statements are required. The only exception holds for transferring students from other English medical programs in Italy, which are not required to resit this test. In all other cases, IMAT is required.

If you had some previous medical education (for example if you attended one year of medical school somewhere else), you still need to sit IMAT and you might get your academic career recognized (meaning that you will jump to 2nd or 3rd year), provided that course contents are similar. In any case, this aspect is discussed only after the student has been admitted to IMS. Therefore, do not expect the secretary to give you a “yes/no” answer via email, as your academic background needs to be carefully revised by our Professors, with all the required documentation.



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