The course La Sapienza incorporated an International Medical Program (IMS) in 2011, whereof the language of instruction is English. However, since patient-doctor interaction is always encouraged, international students are advised to get some basics of Italian before they start the clinical triennium in their 4th year. For this purpose, La Sapienza offers extracurricular afternoon courses. On top of that, your future Italian classmates and friends will be very glad to get you fluent in our language in a relatively short period of time.

European M.D.

IMS is a 6-years master program, which means that you will be qualified with the title of Doctor in Medicine and Surgery at the end of this study period. This degree is automatically recognized throughout Europe and in any other country which recognizes Italian university degrees in Medicine and Surgery. To be note, however, that licensing is an additional step required to all Italian medical graduates by our Ministry of Education and Research. It basically involves a 2 months internship and a final examination in order to be allowed to practice medicine in Italy and to apply to residency.

Studies and clinical activities

Conceptually, IMS is split in two cycles: in the first triennium you will study the basics of sciences and, honestly speaking, it will be very theoretical. It includes subjects like Chemistry and Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology, Immunology and many others. In the second half of the course, you will study the clinical and surgical subjects, like Cardiology and Thoracic Surgery, together with Histopathology and Pharmacology. Most importantly, in this latter cycle you will be participate in a variety of clinical rotations. With this respect, it is particularly noteworthy to say that La Sapienza allows an incredible degree of flexibility, by
encouraging its students to choose which department to attend more frequently.

Our study material mostly consists of textbooks and class notes. We rely on some famous titles, such as Gray’s Anatomy or Harrison’s Internal Medicine. It is also common practice among Italian students to write, share and study on the so-called “sbobinature”, which are lectures transcripts. Professors also upload study material on “elearning” , which is a moodle-based online learning platform.

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