On Friday, the International Medical School at the University of Milan held its convocation, or what it calls Welcome Day, at LITA, our laboratory-learning facility. An assembly, with speakers, was followed by a cheerful reception.

The University of Milan itself holds, each year, a formal general convocation (Italian: inaugurazione) in October. Professors dress up in their academic garb, there is a keynote address, and so forth. It resembles the convocation ceremonies at Anglo-American universities. This year’s general convocation was held on October 3, at the main campus in the city center. IMS students were, of course, welcome to attend.

last year's official University of Milan convocation

last year’s official University of Milan convocation

However, because our class schedule started after October 3, we held our own, smaller Welcome Day at LITA, just for the IMS. This event was more informal than the university convocation. Speakers included administrators from various international students offices, upper-year student representatives, and one of the deans of the IMS, Gabriella Cerri, who is also an Assistant Professor in physiology. Prof. Cerri stressed the connection between the scientific and the humanistic aspects of our study, and said, “medicine is a beautiful profession. I would go to medical school over, and over, and over again.” Students from the first to the sixth year were present at the assembly, as well as professors and university officials.

Medicine is a beautiful profession. I would go to medical school over, and over, and over again.

– IMS dean Prof. Gabriella Cerri 

Among the information that we learned at this assembly is that it is currently planned that all six years of our formal classes will be held at LITA. Until now, only the first two years had been scheduled there. Our clinical work, however, will occur at a number of university hospitals throughout Milan.

map of IMS teaching facilities around Milan

map of IMS teaching facilities around Milan

The assembly was followed by a reception in the LITA library. Students, adminstrators, and professors mingled. Photos follow.




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