Flowers bloom in front of LITA, home of IMS-Milan

Two decades ago, I spent the spring and summer in Italy, in Tuscany, on an archaeological dig. The thing that struck me back then about the country was how alive it was. I have since seen a lot of places — including the true tropics — but there is something unique about Italy in the spring and summer. Life seems to come out of every crevice — greenery pokes through cracks in the sidewalk, flowers bloom between railway ties and fall from chimneys, the sunlight is literally golden. Now, many years later, spring is again opening up in Milan, and everyday life is becoming verdant and cheerful.

What would spring be, of course, first, without football? We have begun to play intramural matches more frequently now. Last Friday, ten of us took to the pitch for a one-and-a-half hour, back-and-forth duel with a final score of 10-8. We are still waiting to hear from Pavia’s footballers, to whom we offered a friendly challenge a month ago, and who still have not proposed a precise date. The longer Pavia waits, the more Milan practices, and the better we become. Take your time, Pavia. (By the way, the English medical course at Pavia has twice as many students as IMS-Milan, so we are going to need whatever advantage we can get.)



That is me, second from the right. I am so short that I stand on tip-toes in pictures like this.

By the way, among those 10 players, 10 countries are represented. That is how international our school is.

My travels last week took me down to the old historical central courtyard of the University of Milan, near the main teaching hospital. In their upper-years, IMS students will find themselves frequently at this campus. It was Milan Design Week: a huge, city-wide annual fair which attracts over 3000 exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors from pretty much every nation. Institutions around the city participate, including the University of Milan. There were a number of displays set up around the courtyard. Among them was a “translucent veil” of streamers making a wavy canopy from the loggia above.






Multicolored lights gave a funky vibe to the pious statues at the main university entrance.


This evening, we had our LITA Spring Party. Students and professors from the medical and biomedical science courses ate and drank and played games until just before sunset. There were treasure hunts, ping pong, and singing; mozarella, olives, and, of course, Nutella. It was relaxing, frolicky and festive; it reminded me a little (a little!) of one of the social gatherings from Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing. That was filmed, coincidentally, at Villa Vignamaggio in Tuscany.




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