We are very excited to announce that the full test specifications for 2017 IMAT have been released. You can now also subscribe for the exam online.

Here are all the important updates this year:

  • New Universities were added this year: Bologna, Torino, Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Milano Bicocca, (Siena – Not medicine, only English Odontoiatry)
  • Some new Universities like Torino offer a whopping number of reserved spots (more details in full post)
  • New test location in Barcelona, Spain; Some venue shifted slightly in several other cities (see full post).
  • Exam will be written and not computer based as was rumored before
  • Number of questions and topics allocation remains the same: 60 questions (20 logic, 2 general knowledge, 18 biology, 12 chemistry, 8 physics and math)
  • Answer structure remains the same: 5 answer options; 1.5 points for correct answer, -0.4 for wrong, 0 points for no answer
  • 100 minutes exam time
  • 14 September test date reconfirmed
  • Online Enrollment for the IMAT test is from 03 to 25 July 2017 (until 15:00) via one single central website for all Universities.
  • Changing University priorities should be possible until enrollment expiration (until 25 July).
  • UK candidates will be considered as EU applicants.
  • 20 points minimum rule stays only for EU candidates, falls for non-EU
  • English Language Certificates remains optional (can help in a rare case when two candidates get same imat score and compete on last position in list).

Read the full details, including number of allocated positions in each University, test venue locations etc.


DISCLAIMER: The above information was based on my translation of the italian document and is provided for free, made to the best of my abilities, with my best intentions and is provided as is without any guarantee of completeness, correctness, usefulness or anything else. You can check the source in Italian here.

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