It is the 21st of June! The weather is warm, sunny and fresh. I am waking up to the rhythm of jazz, coming from street musicians right under my flat! Ths reminds me one more time how friendly, welcoming and vibrant Bari is! Indeed, it is a crossing point where different cultures meet to embrace the challenge of blending in an exquisite way to yield lovely results!

Yes, different cultures meet, to celebrate the beauty of this special day which I am going to spend in the basilica Saint Nicholas (Свети Николай) in Bari Vecchia! Built between 1087 and 1197, it is an important pilgrimage site which both Orthodox Christians and Catholics from all over the world, visit to become part of an fantastic phenomenon that marks the beginning of the summer!

At this special day, the wild imagination and the genius of medieval architecture join forces to produce a magical spectacle that has stayed unchanged for centuries! Marble, music, dances, thin wisps of smoke, rays of light soaking from the rose of the Basilica and falling right in the centre of the floor, create an atmosphere of blissful silence reflected in the overawed eyes of us, the observers!

Beauty, grace, elegance! Those are the words which best describe this event, two which no one can remain indifferent!!! The weather is sunny and nice, perfect for a refreshing beverage with friends!

As I walk back home I pass by the Policlinico di Bari and can’t fail to notice that it already is a beautiful summer!