by Ivet Tagareva

Once you are settled in your new home and have attended several lectures, it is time to think about the practical side of living in Italy. One of the necessities is opening an Italian bank account. With it, you can pay your monthly rent, go shopping, buy a flight ticket to visit the family etc.
If you are a BEMC student, it is well worth to know that Unicredit bank provides a free account for University of Bari Aldo Moro students. Opening and maintaining the bank account as well as depositing and withdrawing money to/from it are completely free of charge! Yes, you don’t even pay the regular charge for using the ATM as long as it belongs to Unicredit.

All you need to open a free bank account is a passport, a document stating that you are currently enrolled at the University issued by the student secretary, a proof that you are renting a room or an apartment in Bari (rental contract or even just a receipt of rent payment) and your personal Codice Fiscale. For non-EU students, a valid visa/stay permit is also required.

Upon opening the account, you receive a debit card. You can choose the daily withdrawal/payment limit, the countries in which you will be able to use it (only in Italy, only in Europe, everywhere, etc) and the currencies in which you want to be able to pay in. Online banking access is also provided. You get your personalized account on the website of Unicredit via which you can pay bills, check your balance and account history, transfer money between accounts, send and receive money to/from friends and family anywhere in the world.

One aspect, of which not so many people are aware of is that opening an account and depositing a relatively large amount on it does affect your financial status in Italy. Note that upon getting an I.S.E.E certificate that is an Economic Status Indicator with which you apply for a reduction of your university fee, you will be asked to provide data concerning your financial balance from the previous calendar year. If your family doesn’t live and earn in Italy, then the only financial parameter that will be taken into consideration is your bank account in Italy. As a result, you need to get a certificate from Unicredit containing the exact status of your bank account. This usually takes one working day, sometimes even less. I.S.E.E. is something you will read about in my next post!
Thank you for reading!