The university of Turin [and Rome La Sapienza] have announced new pre-application/pre-selection requirements for their English taught medical programs. Be aware that this step is in addition to and does not substitute the pre-registration at the Italian embassy as described in the application calendar. According to their websites, if you are a non-EU candidate and you are interested in their medical course this year, you have to pre-apply on their website online very soon (see below). Several candidates have contacted the medical school of Turin to determine if this online pre-application is a mandatory step.  Based on the reply they received, it appears that this is an official deadline and Turin will not accept any applicants who do not pre-apply.

  • Turin mandatory online pre-application deadline April 30, 2018 (non-EU candidates) and June 15, 2018 (EU) – application link
  • [Rome La Sapienza online pre-selection deadline April 15, 2018 (non-EU). It is not clear if this includes the medical course or only the other English taught courses. As of now, you cannot select the medical degree when doing the online pre-selection – info/application link]
  • As for other universities (Milan, Pavia, Rome T.V., Bari, Napoli, Bergamo, Bologna), we did not find any special pre-selection /pre-application requirements other than those previously reported in our application calendar (as of today). Nevertheless we encourage you to check your first-choice university website those days to make sure no additional requirements arise at the last moment.

If you are considering Turin [or Rome La Sapienza] as your top option this year, we urge you to contact the university and consider completing their online application before the deadline including the (translated) documents – see below.

How does the online pre-application/pre-selection to Turin work?

After creating a new applicant account on their website, you will be requested to complete several online forms which include extensive information about you (all your citizenships, passport details, photo, etc) as well as your previous education (schools, previous degrees etc), languages you know and a (translated) high school diploma with marks. Failing to upload all the necessary documents blocks you from completing your application.

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