The official IMAT 2019 dates have been published!

The International Medical Admission Test is an essential requirement to study medicine in Italy in English or dentistry in Italy in English. Only two days ago, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) published the official IMAT exam date for 2019. Although enrolment is still closed, we now know officially that the 2019 IMAT test will be held on…



September, 12 (12.09.2019)

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Don’t believe us? Here you can find the MIUR page with the official news regarding the exam dates. Unfortunately the page is in Italian, but we believe you can figure it out, maybe with a little push by an online translator.

As it was for the past exams, also this year the IMAT will take place in September, one week after the test to study medicine in Italian. If you speak Italian, we remind you that you can enrol to and sit both tests, so take this into account because it will increase considerably your chances of being accepted!


What is IMAT?


IMAT (International Medical Admission Test) is a national test administered by the Cambridge Assessment association and it constitutes a necessary step in order to access Medical Schools in English in Italy, or if you want to study Dentistry in English in Italy. Bear in mind this is valid only for the public med schools; if you want to know about the application process of private ones, scroll down or click here.

This exam is a selection test to draw a ranking, because the number of students who can enrol to medicine in Italy is limited! Each university has a different number of seats, but not all applicants can be accepted. This means that the more people participate, the harder it is to pass the test!


IMAT 2019: a multiple-choice question exam


As of today (March 9th, 2019) there are no official information regarding the structure of the IMAT. We can safely foresee that the exam structure will not differ much from the previous years.

What does this mean?

It is very likely that the IMAT test will be a multiple-choice question exam, structured as follows: 20 critical thinking questions, 2 of general culture, 18 regarding biology, 12 about chemistry, and 8 between physics and maths. For a total of 60 questions, this was the structure of the IMAT 2018.


IMAT test centres


Luckily, you can sit the IMAT 2019 all over the world! There are many test centres in several countries and in most of the major cities. The test centre list has not been published yet, but keep following us: we will post the updates as soon as the information is released.


Everything about the best medical schools in English in Italy


Did you decide to sit the IMAT in 2019? Wonderful! Let us help you.

If you want, we can give you a tour of Italy to show you which are the best medical schools in English. Here you can find a lot of information, from the costs of living in Italy, to the minimum IMAT entry score, the number of seats available, and everything else you may need! 


There are alternatives to IMAT


How can you increase your chances of being admitted to a medical school in Italy?

That’s an easy question, you can study harder!

Yes, ok, it’s true; but there are alternatives to IMAT. The IMAT in September is a national test for public universities, but take into account that there are also private universities offering graduate courses in medicine in Italy, each proposing a different test to select the candidates.

In particular, we have dedicated pages for the Humanitas IMAT and the UniCamillus one.


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