Hi Italian English med school applicants! A number of the universities have now announced the dates of registration and testing for admissions in fall 2020. I’m going to present the list here.


  • Humanitas: February 7 registration deadline, February 14 test worldwide (named HUMAT)
  • San Raffaele: Non-EU applicants: March 14 registration deadline, March 25 test worldwide; EU applicants: February 21 registration deadline, March 6 and 7 test in Milan only
  • Cattolica: February 4 registration deadline, February 27 test worldwide
  • Camillus: EU applicants: February 1;  non-EU applicants April 30, and the British UCAT test is required


  • Bari – no information
  • Bergamo – not updated to 2020
  • Bologna – site will be updated with more information “around March 2020”
  • Campania – not updated to 2020
  • Messina – not updated to 2020
  • Milan – not updated to 2020
  • Naples – not updated to 2020
  • Padua – July 6 – July 24 registration; studies commence Oct 12, 2020
  • Pavia – not updated to 2020
  • Rome La Sapienza – not updated to 2020
  • Rome Tor Vergata – not updated to 2020
  • Turinnon-EU applicants: Jan 13-Apr 30 registration; EU applicants: July 1, 2020 registration deadline

The important takeaway from this is that since Padua and Turin have already set down July registration deadlines, we can be sure that the 2020 IMAT will not be moved to the spring, as has been the hope of many in the Italian English med school community over the past years. Note that Turin is a special case, requiring a pre-registration from non-EU applicants before April 30. So if you want to apply to Turin and you’re not an EU applicant, it’s important that you don’t forget to do the pre-registration!

We’ll keep you updated as more schools announce their admissions dates.

Erik Campano