The Ministry of Education in Italy has officially released the IMAT 2020 dates for admission to medical schools in Italy, teaching in the English language.

The official IMAT 2020 date

The official IMAT 2020 test date was set to 10.09.2020 (September 10, 2020).

When will the registration for IMAT 2020 open?

The official release of the Ministry has included only the date of the IMAT 2020 exam itself. More details about the exam are expected to be released in May, however based on previous years experience, we expect the online registration for IMAT to begin in June 2020 and to remain open for about 6 weeks.
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How to prepare for IMAT?

There are several approaches to IMAT preparation, including IMATschool’s flagship live-online preparation course, classroom courses in Milan or Rome and self-study with books. You can take a time-paced online IMAT test simulation for free to get a better feel of the IMAT test and access granular statistics of your performance such as amount of time spent on each question.

How to register for IMAT?

No matter if you are applying to one public medical school or to all of them in parallel, you will only need to register for and take the IMAT test once, however the results will only be valid for the same calendar year. The registration for IMAT can only be done online on Universitaly website, but only during the time window in the summer and not during the whole year. You can read more about the procedure in our application section.


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