There are a couple of pre-registration deadlines nearing relevant to both Eu or Non-Eu candidates and there is a lot to lose if you miss them. Three Universities (Turin, Pavia, and Messina) require students to pre-register (apply) directly on their website.

If you wish to be accepted to any of these Universities, you need to apply within the deadlines before registering for the IMAT exam.

Read on to understand what are the deadlines and who needs to apply!




Pre-registration (Application) VS Pre-enrollment

You are probably already aware of the pre-enrollment procedure: It is a mandatory step for all Non-Eu candidates online through Universitaly.it in order to be eligible for obtaining a visa.

The application process (or sometimes referred to as “pre-registration”), on the other hand, is a step only required by a couple of universities. The Universities of Turin, Pavia, and Messina are the only ones so far that require students to apply to the University website in order to be pre-evaluated. You might be asked for your high school diploma (or a statement that you are about to obtain it) and in some cases – an English language certificate. After completing the application, you will receive a pre-acceptance letter which is sometimes required by your Embassy.


So, keep in mind the differences between the pre-enrollment and the university application:
The pre-enrollment is done only by Non-Eu candidates for a single University of choice. Pre-enrollment can not be done for another University.
The application is sometimes applicable for both Eu and Non-Eu candidates (see below) and can be done simultaneously for as many Universities as you’d like, regardless of your nationality.


Make sure you check our detailed application step-by-step guide about the entire admission process if you haven’t done so already.

So let’s see who needs to apply and when?



Turin University

When? By 11th July 2021

Who? In Turin, all International students need to apply to the university website. International students are all the students who did not obtain their high school diploma in Italy (this is the rule only in Turin). This means that all Non-Eu, Eu, and Italian citizens, who received their diploma outside of Italy, are obligated to apply within the deadline if they wish to list Turin in their choices while registering for the IMAT.
The deadline for Non-Eu students, who don’t hold an Italian residence permit applying to Turin has already passed (28th April). The current deadline is open for applications by Eu or EEA students, Non-Eu candidates who do have a valid residence permit in Italy, or Italian citizens with a foreign high school diploma.

Where? Turin application website



Pavia University

When? By 23rd July 2021

Who? All Non-Eu candidates whose Embassy requires a pre-acceptance letter from the University.

Where? Pavia application website



Messina University

When? By 30th June 2021

Who? International students. The website doesn’t specify if international means only Non-Eu or Eu but it states that Non-Eu applicants need to first apply on the UNIME website in order to get a pre-evaluation letter before pre-enrolling at Universitaly.it. Since there are no limitations to how many university websites you can apply to, I’d suggest anyone interested in Messina (Eu or Non-Eu) apply on the website within the deadline (the application takes no more than 5 minutes).

Where? Messina application website




Don’t forget your IMAT preparation

Pre-registration, pre-enrollment, IMAT registration checked, what’s left? The most important bit, of course, taking the IMAT on September 9th!

Amid all the paperwork and deadlines, we urge you to keep focused and keep preparing for the IMAT.  Don’t forget to check the IMAT preparation section where you will find the topic lists, the recommended books and preparation tips, and the IMAT past papers if you still haven’t to get familiar with the exam.

And if you still need help or want to level up your preparation, check out IMATSchool where you’ll find specifically tailored IMAT courses, IMAT Question Banks, and IMAT Simulator, which is a vital tool to get a realistic grasp of your preparation progress.



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Good luck!





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