IMAT 2022’s test date is officially released by the Italian Ministry of Education. Sitting the IMAT is the only determinant for candidate selection to enter a medical school in Italy. If you want to apply for Medicine in English or Dentistry in Italy this year, the official date release might just be the most important bit of news of the whole application season.

While the test specifications, the application and registration opening times, and deadlines won’t be released until June,  knowing the test date for certain is essential to any candidate for managing their preparation time.



What is the IMAT?

The International Medical Admission Test is a 60 question multiple choice entry test for both Medicine and Dentistry specialties taught in English in Italy. If you wish to study these specialties in the Italian language, there is another entry test with similar specifications, but conducted in Italian. The IMAT on the other hand is held entirely in English.

The IMAT is held only once per year, so it’s important to keep a close eye on the exact dates and registration deadlines. The test is exclusively done in presence (not online) in multiple test centers around the world. 

Obtaining a high enough score on the IMAT is the only determinant for entry into a med school in Italy, as no letters of recommendation or additional qualifications are needed. Anyone can sit the IMAT, but only students who completed 12 years of schooling can apply for admission in a University.

This means that even if someone sat the IMAT and got a stellar score, but hasn’t finished high school yet, they won’t be able to apply in this academic year and their IMAT score will not be saved for the next year. It is not uncommon for students to take the IMAT as a mock test while still in high school and gain valuable experience to help them be better prepared for their real IMAT shot after graduating from school.



When is the IMAT going to be held this year?

IMAT 2022 will be held on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 (13.09.2022).

Ok, we’ve got the date. So what does the application process look like and what follows next?



IMAT registration

Even though the official test date is released, applications are not open just yet. In order to be able to sit the IMAT on September 13, candidates need to register for the IMAT first. Registrations usually open for the first three weeks of July and are done at the Universitaly.it website.

During the IMAT registration, applicants select the Universities and programs they wish to compete for in the order of preference, as well as the test center where they wish to sit the test.

Bare in mind that you could select any test center you wish, but should you choose to take the test in Italy, you are obligated to sit it in the University which you selected as your first choice. For example, if you put Bari as your first choice University, but logistically it’s much more convenient for you to take the test in Milan, you still need to take it in Bari.



Pre-enrollment and pre-registration

These are two very different processes and different students need to go through them depending on their citizenship status and the University they’re applying to. It is a vital step of your application and should certainly NOT be missed. Check the dedicated article on Pre-registration Vs Pre-enrollment and our Step-by-step Application Guide to find out if you need to do them and when.

In general, all Non-Eu candidates need to go through pre-enrollment, which is needed for visa purposes.

Pre-registration is a much simpler process, done online, and needed by some (not all) universities, and may apply to both Eu and Non-Eu applicants.



Which documents do you need to prepare?

Besides receiving your high school diploma, you need to get a translated and legalized version of it, called DOV (Declaration of Value). It is a document you can obtain at the Italian Embassy in your country. Sometimes issuing it can take a while, so it’s best you obtain it in advance (as soon as your high school diploma is ready), even though you would only need it upon enrollment to the University (so, after September, when the IMAT takes place). Alternatively, you can get a CIMEA certificate done online. Here you can find out in detail what is the difference between DOV and CIMEA and the best way to have them issued.


How to prepare for the IMAT?

IMAT may be a multiple-choice test but it is not to be underestimated. As already mentioned, the entry test is the only determinant for acceptance. As you can imagine, in order to filter out the best-prepared candidates, the test is not easy. This is why the key to success is good preparation and if you haven’t started yet, this would be a good time.

To set the best plan you can, see the IMAT topics list – it should be the backbone of your preparation. Little to no changes have been made to this list throughout the years, so you can rely on it until the official specifications for this year are released.

As to the source of study, here is a list of the most recommended books by students who’ve succeeded on the IMAT. It includes both theory and practice books.

We strongly on checking your progress with mock tests (aka simulations). You can use past IMAT papers for this purpose or do an online IMAT test simulation which you can use for free to get a better feel of the test.

Another way to prepare is with the IMAT online live course, tailored to the specific test subjects’ requirements.



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