Medical Students! Leave your mark and give back to the community – write with us!


Since 2012 MEDschool.it has helped over 568,495 people with information about medical studies in English in Italy, for free. This is by no means an insignificant number.

It was made possible only because medical students, like you, have contributed of their experience and knowledge by posting on MEDschool.it for future generations of medical students and colleagues.

Now you can also make a meaningful impact on thousands of people by sharing your experience. It is totally fine even if you’d only be able to contribute one blog-post without any commitment. Why would we want to become doctors if not to help other people in the first place?

Whatever you do, I have only one request from you.
Every single year I see some students who open their own blogs on medicine in Italy. They invest a lot of effort and sometimes even money into their blog. They are doing it with the best intents, which I find it very admirable – but there is a catch

When their studies begin and the busy life in medical school takes it toll, it gets difficult to find free time to continue writing in their own blog. Moreover after numerous hours of invested time they begin to read the stats and realize that only a handful of people ever get to read their work. If that is not enough, than the costs of hosting the blog online start to creep up slowly as free trials end and costly renewals are needed. No need to mention technical issues with their blog that they don’t have the skill or time to handle.

All combined, the inevitable next step becomes closing their new blog. That’s a real shame, because all those hours, efforts and material could have reached a much bigger audience, make a much greater and more lasting impact, if only they’ve had chosen to contribute to MEDschool.it instead and build on top of it. So, please do the right thing.

So whether you want to blog with us as a way of self expression, to polish your writing skills, or just to network and socialize with other medical students around Italy, we are sure you could only gain from this experience and help others in the process.

Join us! What does blogging with us mean?

  • What it means:
    • You will become an unofficial ambassador for your medical school on the MEDschool.it website, which is one of the most popular resources on the web when it comes to English medical schools in Italy.
    • You will have the chance to inspire future medical students with your experiences, and save them the trouble by giving valuable advice.
    • You will participate in occasional meetings that we organize among bloggers with updates and plans.
    • You will get a chance for feedback and appraisal of your work, not only from MEDschool.it staff, but from students that will end up in your med school as well.
    • You will get to talk to people who are more advanced in their studies and careers and get a glimpse of what expects you in the future.
  • What we require?
    • We understand that you have exams and busy periods sometimes, so nobody will expect anything that could interfere with your life and goals from you.


What are our plans for MEDschool.it in the future?

  • Expand MEDschool.it to more languages – so that people could get the most accurate and detailed information.
    Currently we prioritize Arabic, Portugiese (Brasil), German, French, Hebrew and Greek but other languages are also welcome.
  • Write more about country specific requirements – every country’s embassy has slightly different requirements, and we need you to navigate in this sea of information.
  • Compare Italian Medical schools to other options abroad
  • Hold occasional online webinars to let candidates see you and hear about your experience first-hand.
  • Establish a country-wide network of medical students from all medical schools and nationalities to help candidates with application related issues

How does it work?

MEDschool.it wouldn’t exist if not for the quality people who support it and volunteer, so we are glad that you got this far.
here’s what you should do:

  1. Contact us! Tell us who you are, where you are from and where you study.
  2. Think about what kind of valuable blog-post can you see yourself writing or translating (and in which language).
  3. Think what are the valuable skills you have. What is your “superpower”? Photography, graphic design, video editing, managing?
  4. We will get in touch over skype or phone to discuss the details and guide you further.
  5. If you’d like to consistently contribute to MEDschool, we will dedicate a blogging section to you, with your full profile bio and photo!

We will be glad to get to know you, and together we’ll make MEDschool.it even more resourceful and helpful.

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)
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