How do admissions work?


Here we will be talking about the admission to the public medical schools, as a non-Italian applicant (and not the private schools like Milan’s Humanitas which holds its own, separate IMAT, or Rome’s Cattolica, which has its own, non-IMAT, entrance exam).

The most crucial step in the admission is to pass the public schools’ IMAT exam. Your school GPA, volunteering, army service, and recommendation letters won’t matter for the selection process (check with your embassy just in case because some countries have specific requirements for student visa).

The IMAT is being held every year in different dates (sometimes in April, sometimes September), which I publish here. When the exact dates for the current year are published, the admission procedure for the test begins online several weeks before the test itself.

Step 0: Even if the dates were not announced yet, start preparing for the exam. Because sometimes they anounce the dates just several weeks before the test. The tests are usually the same and the rules changes are few, therefore look how it was done last year. Check about needed documents for a student visa and “Dichiarazione di valore” in your Italian embassy near you.

Step 1: When subscription is open, sign up for the exam online and select your Universities as described in the video here

Step 2: Do the exam in a center near you (held in 20+ major cities around the world, exact list published when dates come out, but you can check last year’s locations here).

Step 3: Wait for the release of the results and ranking lists on the website shown in the video (several weeks after the exam).

Step 4: if you’re in, you will need to fly to Italy with all your documents to complete your enrollment to the University within several days. You might need to arrange a student visa in the process via your embassy ahead. Some Universities allow to enroll online or via email but it is not the rule, therefore you will need to check that with the University directly.

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