How to apply from the United States


by Tara Maguire

In this post Tara explains how to obtain a DV (Dichiarazione di valore or statement of High school diploma equivalence) needed for the application. If you have info about getting an Italian student visa in US, please drop me an email to help complete this guide.

Applying to Medical school in Italy as an American has  a pretty bureaucratic process behind it. You will need to be very organized and err on the side of notarizing too much information rather than too little. Italian consulates across the country provide varying degrees of information so I have tried to consolidate what i have learned here for you all.

Step 0: To create a reciprocity of education between the US and Italy, the Italian consulate and government needs to confirm that you have received a high school diploma. This DOES NOT mean you need to present your physical diploma alone. It means you will need to have a notarized copy of your academic transcript from high school in addition to your diploma if they are able to provide it.


Step 1: To qualify as an applicant from the US to an Italian medical school you need MORE than just a high school diploma you will need to have a HS diploma with at least 4 AP courses with scores of 3 or higher. If you have a Bachelors Degree, no matter what subject, you will still need to include your HS diploma to the Consulate General

Step 2: Contact your high school for the academic transcript and a copy of your diploma. The diploma copy needs to be issued by the high school directly. If they cannot provide a copy of your diploma have them include a letter that states the following format:

Letterhead of the School with full Name and Logo


PHONE: (585) 555-0125 | WEB SITE ADDRESS


To Whom it May Concern:
Attached is the academic transcript of  (Full name of the student, DOB) for the school year (school year/s).

As per records of this school this student entered this High School in the academic year 20__/20__ and graduated on / expected date of graduation is …(date of graduation).

(Cross what does not apply)
Photocopy of the diploma is also attached / Photocopy of the diploma is no longer in our records/ diploma has not been printed.

Scale of the grading system adopted by this school is (both numerical and letter grades) (MY SCHOOL WROTE NUMERICAL 0-100)
……………………   …………………………….

Passing grade is  (numerical and letter) and maximum grade is  (numerical and letter). (65 and 100/A)

[Name]____________________, Registrar (or Principal if no Registrar)

(seal of the Notary and signature)

(Acknowledgement of the identity of the signer by Notary)

On this day   (date), before me came (full name and title of the school authority signing), known to me to be the individual who executed the foregoing instrument .

State of (name of the State)
County of (name of the County)
Notary commission expires on (date)

I recommend including this letter irrespective of whether or not they have your diploma as it consolidates the information in a very direct way for the consulate general of Italy.

The letter, the academic transcript, and the diploma (if applicable) all need to be signed by the school registrar or principal AND notarized. MAKE SURE TO NOTARIZE EACH DOCUMENT!

Step 3: All of your high school notarized documents will then need to be sent to the county clerk in the county where your high school. The county clerk will need to certify that the notarization is valid. Each document costs $3 a piece and needs to be paid via check or money order to your county clerk. Call the county clerk of the county of your high school directly for more clear info. There is usually an application or cover letter that they will ask you to include that will clarify what your intended use is. Basically, you need to state you are applying to medical school in Italy. Include prepaid return postage to expedite this process (via UPS or FedEx)


Step 4: Once your documents have been certified by the county clerk you will then need to mail them or bring them in person to the State Apostille to certify. Again, this is in the state where the school is located NOT where you reside in the event you live in a different area. There is an application form on your state’s Apostille website that you will need to fill out and include. Each document is $10. Include prepaid return postage to expedite this process (via UPS or FedEx)

Step 5: Once you have received your documents back from the Secretary of State you will be ready for translation. Check the valid translators from the Consulate General of Italy that has jurisdiction over the area where your high school is. Again, if you live in a different area of the country it does not matter, you must work with the CG where the high school is. Use their translators to translate the documents because there is a specific academic language they need.

Step 6: Once you have all documents translated bring all originals and translated copies to the Consulate General in the area where your high school is. You can mail them or come in person if its convenient. Check with your consulate general on times of day that they receive appointments. I have worked with the Italian Consulate General of New York which is the busiest in the country and takes multiple days to get appointments and return emails due to back log. Be thorough. Include prepaid return postage to expedite this process (via UPS or FedEx)

That completes your declaration of value!

If you are also including the Bachelors Degree from your University complete steps 2-5 in the same manner. At Step 6 you will need to bring ALL documents together to your Consulate.

Words to the wise: Make a list! Call the school, county clerk, and consulate. Most high schools are not familiar with this process. Be explicit about what you need.

Good luck in your application!!!

DISCLAIMER: The information above is based on the personal experience of Tara at was correct for her at the time of writing. Things might be different for you in the future, so use the provided information as a personal experience report without guarantee for completeness or correctness and always check with the Italian authorities about the most up to date guidelines in this regard. We take no responsibility for the use or misinterpretation of the provided information and for any damage and consequences caused by using this information without consulting official sources first.

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