Application Calendar: IMAT 2018 Exam Dates and application process


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1. Pre-enrollment: April – July 2018**

What? This step, in Italian “preiscrizione”  is mainly about obtaining a  Dichiarazione di Valore – which is a document confirming that your graduation diploma is sufficient and compatible for studying in a medical school in Italy. Note, this is not the IMAT exam enrollment procedure yet (see below).

Where? At your country’s nearest Italian consulate or embassy (quick link for: UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Ireland).

For who? just for non-EU candidates. If you are EU, get in touch with your italian embassy because you will still need a DV, even if you don’t go through the normal pre-enrollment like non-EUs..
If you have double citizenship, your European or Italian passport prevails for the application.

What to do? Download and fill-out Form A. Search the consulate website near you (Google)  or call them directly to ask for the papers they need for pre-enrollment for English medical schools in Italy (not IMAT enrollment yet!) in order to obtain a Dichiarazione di Valore. Translate the documents they need, with their trusted translators, as they will indicate.

When doing the pre-enrollment, ask also which documents should you prepare and translate for student visa after you do the IMAT.

Not sure what medical school to choose? Use our FREE IMAT Simulator to find out what score you could get in the IMAT and what areas you should improve for the test.

2. Online enrollment and IMAT Admissions Exam September 2018** (estimated)

August, 2018**: Publication of updated info about this year’s IMAT including any changes to the test locations around the world, test start time, updates to exam content.
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July**: Online enrollment for IMAT: Note that you can NOT enroll in the IMAT exam until the enrollment process is officially announced. The application is not open the whole year. If you’re curious, you can see how the online procedure worked a few years ago, in this video. The online enrollment takes place on www.universitaly.it website.

Short stay visas may be given to all non-EU students who choose to do the IMAT exam in Italy (optional). Note it is not the student visa which all non-EU will need to enroll to the University after passing the exam.

Where? The IMAT exam takes place in the examination centers around the world (the locations tend to remain the same every year, any updates will be published in August.

3. University enrollment

later in September**: preliminary IMAT results will be published. That’s when you’ll know how much you got on the IMAT but not yet where you rank compared to others, and not if you got in or not. At this stage, make sure you have all the documents to apply for a student visa (non-EU only), as it will be needed to enroll to the University. To issue the visa, you will need to show the embassy that you have been accepted to the University first.

a few weeks later: National ranking list will be published. a ranking list of all candidates ordered by exam results will be given. People at the top of the list who got a place will receive an email and need to to proceed with the enrollment to the University as a student.

When that happens, you will need to arrive to your University with all the papers in 2-3 days and physically enroll to the university and pay first fee. Students that arrive from abroad might be able to email/send their documents to confirm their enrollment but this needs to be discussed with the medical faculty secretary in advance to check if it is possible. Failing to bring your documents in time will result in loss of your spot because it will be given to the next candidate in the list.

Study semester begin

The first semester usually begins in late October**, depending on the university.

Preparation for IMAT

The secret to passing the IMAT is to provide yourself with sufficient time for the preparation and include enough practice of old questions. On average, one needs a minimum of 3 months full-time studying to go over the basic material, but that is the bare minimum. The range of arguments that the IMAT covers is vast and can’t be properly addressed in few weeks of binge-learning. Our advice is to start studying for the IMAT as soon as you can.

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)

Alex is a graduate of Harvey Medical course in English, taught in Pavia University and the founder of MEDschool.it. He currently pursuits his carrier in Ophthalmology and ophthalmic gene therapy research in Germany.
Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)