Affiliate Program

  • Are you an Education Agent, a Youtuber, Blogger or Influencer in a medical or education abroad niche?

  • Are you looking for a passive and reliable way to monetize your traffic and/or client-base?

We might have the right solution for you…

Our preparation arm, IMATschool,  a leading online preparation school that offers top rated preparation courses for the International Medical Admission Test (IMAT) for medical schools in Italy is opening an affiliate program.

IMATschool is a preparation school that you will be proud to promote and happy to refer your students to, knowing that they get the best quality preparation, the best results and the best value for their money. Your reputation as a referring partner is just as important for us as our own.


What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate program is a promotional arrangement in which a company (IMATschool) pays a third-party publisher (You) to help generate sales to the company’s (IMATschool’s) products and services. The third-party publishers are called affiliates, and the commission fee incentivizes them to find ways to find leads and generate sales for the company.


How does it work?

After being registered for the program, you will receive a unique link to IMATschool website (example: www.store.imatschool.com/?via=yourname) Every customer that gets to IMATschool via your unique link will be registered as your referral.


How much when and how do I get paid?

The commission fee is paid once every month to your PayPal account. You will be getting a fixed 15% fee on any sale of any product on IMATschool from any customer referred by you via your unique link. The commission payout will be calculated automatically for all finalized sales of a previous month.


How can I get paid more?

The more paying clients you bring the more you get paid! Moreover, our selected best performing affiliate partners that get customers reliably will be promoted to our Premium Partner program, where they will get 20% on every referred customer as well as (optionally) a dedicated landing page on IMATschool website with a shorter referral link (example: www.store.imatschool.com/name)


How do I keep track of the number of my referrals?

Once you’ve registered for the program, you’ll get access to a dashboard, where you can track all the important numbers and transactions, such as number of referred visitors, number of sales, commission per sale and total commission to be paid out.


How can I know that the numbers are accurate?

We’re using a proven, tracking system hosted by a third-party to record every transaction efficiently and completely automatically. The Affiliate Dashboard is also hosted by the independent third-party and provides full information on the referred purchases, dates, amount etc. All affiliate links can be checked and verified at any time with a test purchase. As our affiliate partner, your success is our success.


How do I get started? How to get more details?

All you need to get the commission payments is a working PayPal account. If we’ve got you interested, or if you just have some questions, please email [email protected] to introduce yourself and possibly business first. Once approved, you’ll be forwarded to a registration page and will become an official Affiliate Partner of IMATschool. With your own referral link you’ll be able to start promoting right away.


Are there affiliate programs for medical schools?

Unfortunately we currently offer only commission for our IMAT courses.

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)