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  • IMAT 2021 date: 9th September, 2021
  • IMAT 2021 Format: 60 multiple choice questions (10 logical reasoning, 12 culture and general knowledge, 18 biology, 12 chemistry, 8 physics and math). 5 possible answers. Negative points for wrong answers. 100 minutes to complete exam. (estimate based on IMAT 2020)
  • Negative scoring: +1.5 point for correct answer, 0 for no answer, -0.4 points for wrong answer (guessing)
  • No calculators and no periodic tables are given or allowed.
  • Maximum possible mark: 90 points
  • Minimal score for admission (varies according to demand): approx. 37 points
  • Cost: est. GBP 114, EUR 130, or USD 164
  • Test is held once per year and valid for all public medical schools in English in Italy for entry in the same year.
  • Locations: The IMAT can be taken in most major cities (NY, Dubai, London, Tel Aviv, Athens, Barcelona, see all test locations.).

All past IMAT papers can be downloaded as PDFs here.

IMAT 2021 News and updates

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Previous IMAT test papers

Previous IMAT test papers

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IMAT Books and preparation tips for 2021

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IMAT topics list

IMAT topics list

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IMAT 2021 Intensive In-Class Course Review & Coupon

IMAT 2021 Intensive In-Class Course Review & Coupon

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IMAT Online Course: How do you pass the IMAT?

IMAT Online Course: How do you pass the IMAT?

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Find more info about IMAT dates, how admissions work, and the application calendar in the Admissions section. Compare minimum IMAT scores for universities, rankings, and more in the compare all section.


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