Become a Super-Learner Review

Improve your memory, read faster and get a competitive edge for IMAT. Great also for Medical students.

What if you could use your brain so efficiently that you would be able to memorize important things on first try, without hours of drills, re-reading and rewriting things over and over, which is frankly what most people do. Now combine that with a way to increase your effective reading speed by x3-6 times and imagine the compound effect of that on your learning!

SuperLearner course is offering just that – an all-in-one package to teach you to learn, memorize and retain much better and faster than you though possible. This interactive online video course can be also viewed offline from your smartphone, on the go. Have a look at the free preview chapters which also include the detailed outline of the course.

Learning is something that will follow a medical doctor throughout his whole career, not just the admission exams, not just the medical school. Having a “lifetime access guarantee” with the course offered, means that you can always come back and review it again at any point in my life for free.


My experience of the course

First of all Johnathan, the guy who is explaining all the concepts during the 30+ online video lessons,  has really proved to be an authority in this field. The amount of information and practical examples he gave was amazing.

The course itself was taking you step by step first in understanding the various techniques and the brain tweaks that make it possible then to the actual assignments and homework to practice it all. So it isn’t just passive reading of ideas but actual implementation of those techniques as well. It also incourages you to master certain methods before proceeding to next topics, in order to let your brain “transform” and adapt which proved to be very effective.

SuperLearner course doesnt just give you the some techniques but also suggests you ways to adjust your life and health in general to allow your brain absorb new material and function at it’s peak.

40,000+ people took the course and highly recommend it with a 4.6 / 5 stars rating to anyone who is going to dedicate a big portion of his life to learning.

You should definitely at least have a look at the free video chapters and the in depth course description and consider giving it a try. In the worst case scenario you have a 30 days money back policy to get a refund so you don’t really take any risks.


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