IMAT Books and preparation tips for 2023

Preparation for the IMAT in 2023 is key for succeeding in the test. Students from the previous year have reported to us the best preparation books which had the most relevant material for the IMAT exam, which we will be presenting below. Studying with those books alongside the list of IMAT subjects is the backbone of your preparation for the IMAT. Alongside the books you can order from Amazon, we are listing also some free resources at the bottom of this page.


FIRST PART: Critical Thinking (Text analysis) and Problem Solving books for IMAT

Thinking Skills Coursebook (by Marc Dawes)  remains the most recommended book throughout the years for the Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning section.

Created by Cambridge (just as the IMAT itself), this book provides a deep explanation of the techniques of tackling these types of questions. It might be very useful especially if this field is fairly new to you.

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Practice, practice, practice questions for IMAT! 

It is crucially important for you to practice as many questions as you can. Here are the most recommended books with practice questions for all IMAT topics. Although UKCAT is an entirely different exam, these books provide a big chunk of questions that can help you master the IMAT, especially in the logical reasoning section.

BMAT is another medical admission test created by Cambridge, and although it includes some topics which are not included in the IMAT, questions are quite similar and the difficulty level between the two exams is relatively close.

Practice books with answers’ comments in Italian:

  1. Hoepli test: IMATquestions are in English but the explanations in Italian only. Some minor mistakes have been reported by students but it might be a good solution if you find yourself in need of yet more questions to solve
  2. Editest: 2000 quiz – offers another practice book with 2000 questions in English but solutions are written only in Italian. Here too, you can find an added simulation
  3. Alpha test. read this first: – You will surely bump into this series while doing your prep book research. They used to be one of the most popular IMAT practice books and also the first ones published. The questions are, however, much easier than those shown in the past IMAT papers. Therefore, we advise you not to rely on them for an appropriate preparation. They can rather be used as an additional practice only after you finished solving some of the more difficult question books.

You might wonder, “Why getting a book with Italian explanations”?
Here’s why – success in IMAT can be summed up by a single word: practice. You can spend months buried in Biology or Chemistry theory books but it won’t do you any good unless you take the time to actually put this knowledge into practice. So the more questions you solve, the better prepared you’ll be.

This is why we recommend getting all the practice books you can (and actually using them!) and combining different types as each of them offers various levels of difficulty.

SECOND PART: scientific theory books for the IMAT

The scientific part of the IMAT consists of 4 main subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math. The biology and chemistry sections make up the most of the scientific part of the IMAT and therefore have the highest return on time investment. Nevertheless, if you have no scientific background in one of the areas of IMAT or if you’d like to review the material in English you should consider getting the books below. You should aim to review all material at A-levels / highschool level.

Biology books for IMAT

This section is a little bit differently designed than the rest of the Scientific Knowledge parts. While Chemistry, Maths, and Physics require a good understanding of the concepts and the questions don’t vary much in topic from year to year, Biology requires rather more detailed and diverse knowledge. So it would probably be a good idea to use a combination of more comprehensive books.

For acquiring a well-rounded and thorough knowledge, students recommend picking a more in-depth Biology book. It is not essential which one you pick, as long as it fits these requirements. Here are some student-recommended for you:

A-level revision books offer a condensed review of most major concepts. They are a good option for the last stages of your preparation but may not be enough as a single source for your Biology prep.

IMAT Chemistry books

As mentioned above, A-level books offer a high-yield summary of Chemistry concepts. Use it as a review book prior to the exam or in case you have substantial previous knowledge of the topics.

If you find Chemistry particularly difficult, you might want to consider a more exhaustive resource, such as:

IMAT Physics and Math books

For these two sections, we advise you not to dive into comprehensive books but rather learn the key concepts most repeated in past papers. Maths and Physics may seem like the most difficult sections for many students, some even decide not to study them at all since they only account for a total of 8 questions and seem like a big-time investment for little return, but this is a huge mistake! The trick here is that the actual questions’ topics in this section rarely change through the years, so if you master several of those key concepts, with a relatively small time investment, you can get some easy points at the IMAT.

* I honestly would NOT recommend the IB diploma books for this section, since they’ll make you lose too much valuable time. Ideally use those instead:

Other, Free resources for IMAT Preparation

Khan Academy (https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/mcat) is a free resource that you can use to prepare for all scientific subjects.

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