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Preparation is the keyword for succeeding in IMAT test. Students from previous year reported that one of the books which had the closest question format to the IMAT exam are BMAT and UKCAT exams. The BMAT (BioMedical admissions test) which is used in UK, covers the same subjects as IMAT but the BMAT has also an essay part which is not present in IMAT.


FIRST PART: Critical Thinking (Text analysis) and Problem Solving books for IMAT

The most important topic that you should work on for the IMAT is the “Thinking skills“. This part of the IMAT is worth half of the total points and it’s also the one you can improve the most with the least time investment. In this exam section you will need to show your skills at analyzing short texts (critical thinking) and choose which sentences would complete or contradict the argument in the text. Problem solving involves solving logical problems of different types. Bellow are some recommended books that explain how to solve such questions and give some examples to practice on:


Most recommended


The most recommended book for the first IMAT part. This book includes clear explanations of the subject with many examples as well as plenty of exercises.

Recommended by Cambridge


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Practice, practice, practice questions for IMAT! 

It is crucially important for you to practice as many questions as you can. Here are the most recommended books with practice questions for all IMAT topics. The most used one and reported to have the closest questions to the original format is the BMAT 700 book which contains 700 questions from a similar format BMAT test.

SECOND PART: scientific theory books for the IMAT

The scientific part of the IMAT consists of 4 main disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math. Yet the biology and chemistry sections make up the most of the scientific part of the IMAT and therefore have the highest return on time investment. If you have no scientific background in this areas or if you'd like to review the material in English you should consider the books below. You should aim to review all material at A-levels / highschool level.

IMAT Biology books

Highly recommended books from our forums:

IMAT Chemistry books

Although the number of questions in chemistry is low, it is the second most important scientific subject after biology. For an effective review of the material the following books are the most recommended:

IMAT Physics and Math books

Although those topics have the least questions in the exam, if you are aiming for a high score or highly competitive medical school, you should not leave those sections from your preparation. The books we recommend for this section are

Other, Free resources for IMAT Preparation

Khan Academy (https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/mcat) is a free resource that you can use to prepare for all scientific subjects.

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