IMAT Books and preparation tips updated for 2017

Preparation is the keyword for succeeding in IMAT test. Your preparation for IMAT should be divided in two parts: theory review and question solving.

Students from previous year reported that one of the books which had the closest question format to the IMAT exam are BMAT and UKCAT exams. They were also reporting that studying with the american MCAT books was an overshoot as IMAT is easier. The BMAT (BioMedical admissions test) which is used in UK, covers the same subjects as IMAT but the BMAT has also an essay part which is not present in IMAT.

FIRST PART: Critical Thinking (Text analysis) and Problem Solving books for IMAT

After talking to IMAT candidates from last years, the most important topic that you should work on is the “Thinking skills“. This is the part of the exam that is worth half of the final score and the one you can improve a lot in a short time. In this part you will need to show your skills at analyzing short texts (critical thinking) and choose which sentences would complete or contradict the argument in the text. Problem solving involves solving logical problems of different types. Bellow are some recommended books that explain how to solve such questions and give some examples to practice on:

It is crucially important for you to practice as many questions as you can. Here are the most recommended books for all topics. The most used one and reported to have the closest questions to the original format is the BMAT 400 book which contains 400 questions from a similar format BMAT test.

Practice, practice, practice! 

There are also several books form an Italian company called “Alphatest” which contain tons of questions. Beware: because those books are aimed for Italian candidates, the explanations to the answers are given in italian but the questions are in English, therefore it would be useful even if you don’t have any Italian knowledge.

SECOND PART: scientific theory books:

The biology and chemistry parts of the exam have the highest return on time investment. If you have no scientific background in this areas or if you’d like to review the material in English you should consider the books below. Most if not all of the books I’ve listed below are University level books and are used during the first years of Medicine so you are getting the highest level material and a possibility to reuse it in your studies or sell to students.



Highly recommended books from our forums:

Biology review: AS-level biology  and A2-level biology
Human physiology review: Constanzo Physiology (also kindle edition)


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 The cell is a biology book that is also used during the first year of the medical studies. The book begins with the basics and covers the IMAT topics: “the cell as basis of life”, “Bioenergetics”, “Reproduction”.

Unfortunately this book doesn’t cover the topics for “Genetics/Inheritance” and only slightly covers the “Anatomy and Physiology” part (the immune system)

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The Human Molecular genetics is also a first year book of the biology in the Medicine course which concentrates on the genetics aspects which will be helpful also in the IMAT. Here you will learn about the different inheritance patterns and practice analyzing family trees as those are classical questions in the exam.

Take it with the other books otherwise you still lack the “Anatomy/Physiology” part of the exam.



If you have no background in chemistry, I would save money and leave it out because it is huge but number of questions is low. if still you want to review it, take into consideration:
Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics

Free resources for IMAT Preparation

Khan Academy ( is a free resource that you can use to prepare for all scientific subjects.

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Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)

Alex is a graduate of Harvey Medical course in English, taught in Pavia University and the founder of He currently pursuits his carrier in Ophthalmology and ophthalmic gene therapy research in Germany.
Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)

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