IMAT 2019 Intensive course Review & Coupon


IMAT test preparation course


Leonardo’s school is a network of reputable private prep schools, with authorization from the Italian Ministry of Education. This network was among the first to begin offering English taught intensive IMAT preparation courses in form of frontal lessons.

The IMAT intensive course offers a structured study plan based on the official IMAT program, professional teachers and plenty of exercises to make sure you will know to apply all the knowledge you gain during the course to pass the IMAT exam.

The location of the course (Rome & Milan) allows the student to minimize distraction from home and everyday family worries and to fully focus on the studies with like-minded peers. Preparing in Italy also means that you will have an opportunity to visit the English Medical school in the city or nearby, get to talk to medical students and have a taste of the Italian culture.


IMPORTANT: From our previous experience with Leonardo’s school, their IMAT courses are getting booked out really fast with our coupon discount, for example, the IMAT course in Milan was fully booked in 14 days since the announcement last time. Places are reserved on “first come first served” basis.


July 2019 Intensive IMAT course summary:

  1. Lessons begin July 01, 2019 until July 19, 2019 in Rome and Milan, Italy.
  2. 3 weeks of intensive Monday to Friday schedule (105 full hours in total).
  3. Price: with special 10% discount coupon code: 1602 Euro (1780 Euro) + 70 Euro subscription fee
  4. The course covers all parts of the IMAT exam in English plus includes extensive Multiple choice questions practices.
  5. Small study groups.
  6. Housing arrangements via Leonardo school (starting from 16 Euro / night)
  7. Subscription opening: OPEN. The previous courses got filled in 14 days from announcement!

How to enrol? Need more info?

Registration is currently CLOSED. If you’d like to get on a waiting list, please subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know when enrollment re-opens. If you have any questions regarding the course, feel free to contact us.

As I spoke to the Managing Director at Leonardo to get some more insight and he gladly answered my questions. The teachers have a degree in their teaching field and practical experience in teaching, in English. The lessons are built to cover the theory as well as lots of question practice and simulations for the exam.

Last years, the classes were filled with mostly International candidates, coming from many foreign countries, especially for the course. No concerns were raised about the English level of the teachers and the course has received very positive feedback.

Course Price and Coupon Discount

Having a big community behind me, I was able to negotiate a special discount of 10% for our visitors, dropping the price to 1602 Euro (1780 Euro) with the coupon code. That is for 105 hours of lessons + 70 Euro registration fee.

IMPORTANT: To get the discounted price you will need to fill the form above, without any obligations, then you will get the coupon number by email as well as more info and contact details.


Accommodation is provided in a variety of options – from a shared room to single room or with a boarding Italian family. Prices start as low as 14 Euro/night (from 294 Euro for 3 weeks) and include all bills, WiFi, cleaning, and sheets. The apartments are located inside the city, some more and some less centrally, but all with a public transport connection to the course location.

Lessons Schedule

At your first day, you will make a test simulation in order to identify your strong and weak points both in English / logic as well as scientific topics of relevance.

Then in the following 3 weeks, you lessons schedule will be as following:
  • Mornings: 09:00 – 13:00 (some days till 12:00) – Lessons and exercise in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (50 full-hour lessons)
  • Afternoons: 14:00 – 18:00 (some days 13:00- 17:00) Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Math Theory and Exercises on test (55 full-hour lessons)
The number of places is limited and the subscription has already opened. To get more details fill the form above.
Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions
* Leonardo school is an independent organization and it is not run nor endorsed by medschool.it
* By submitting you allow us to send you the discount coupon by email as well as handle your personal info and forward the info you provided to Leonardo School in order to contact you.
* Prices are as of 08.03.2019 and offer is organized and provided by a Leonardo School, prices may be changed and access to the offer might be limited or discontinued when courses are filled or due to other reasons according to their policies. 

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)

Alex is a graduate of Harvey Medical course in English, taught in Pavia University and the founder of MEDschool.it. He currently pursuits his carrier in Ophthalmology and ophthalmic gene therapy research in Germany.
Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)