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Update October 22, 2019: Humanitas has announced its 2020 application procedure, with major changes from previous years.

Medical studies in English at Humanitas University, Milan

There are two English-language medical courses offered by Humanitas University. The first one is Hunimed, the “mainstream” medical school which prioritizes clinical teaching; the second one is the very new MEDTEC School, which is instead a sort of joint degree, with a curriculum spanning traditional medical education and biotechnological advances in medicine, and how they can be used by physicians.


HUNIMED – Medicine in English in Italy

The Humanitas University Medicine and Surgery degree – or Hunimed – is a program offered by Humanitas Research Hospital, a private institution which has been running this course since 2014. The program lasts six years, with the first two being dedicated to the study of basic and human sciences, and is entirely taught in English. The following four years are devoted to clinical disciplines, such as internal medicine, surgery, and emergency medicine.

Starting from the third year, “clerkships” (the equivalent of clinical rotations in the US) in Humanitas Hospital are included in the daily routine, thus providing 36

Humanitas University Building

0° training for future physicians. Medical students who are interested in research activities may also take part in the Virgilio Program and obtain credits through additional seminars and laboratory activities.

The teaching is performed using a multidisciplinary and interactive approach, where students tackle every topic from several different perspectives so as to acquire a holistic approach to medicine; this manifests itself as different subjects being grouped as integrated courses, so students do not lose sight of general concepts, and the use of case scenarios and problem-based learning.

Exams take place in different sessions, mainly January-February, June-July, and September. Exams may be written or oral.



Quick facts about Hunimed


  • Admission & Requirements – Entry to the course is restricted by the Ministry of Education. Candidates are required to have obtained a secondary school diploma and are selected via the Humanitas IMAT test.
  • Emphasis on hands-on training – Aside from the clerkships based at Humanitas Research Hospital, Hunimed students also take advantage of a Simulation Centre, provided with high-fidelity rooms.
  • The campus – Located next to the hospital, the campus has an area of 20,000 square meters, with residences, laboratories, libraries, and group study areas, sports facilities, and a cafeteria.
  • Funding – Each year the university offers a few merit-based scholarships that aim to completely or partially cover annual tuition fees.
  • International mobility – Humanitas encourages students to complete part of their training abroad by investing in bilateral international agreements and mobility programs such as Erasmus+.
  • Living in Milan – Milan is not just Italy’s fashion capital: it’s the throbbing heart of Italian industry and a technologically advanced city. If the city is all about work during the day, after dark it lights up with a rich nightlife.


For further information, visit the Humanitas University website.



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