International Medical School in Rome, La Sapienza University

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La Sapienza is by far the largest European university by enrollment and one of the oldest in history. Founded in 1303, it enjoys a pluri centenarian prestige in research and teaching. Indeed countless internationally recognized people, from all backgrounds, have studied here, including Nobel laureates, presidents of European parliament, heads of several nations, notable religious figures, astronauts and scientists.

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Edoardo T. (Rome)

Edoardo T. (Rome)

Guest Blogger
Edoardo Trovato has enrolled to Rome La Sapienza IMS in 2012. He was born and grew up in Modena, Italy. Always showing a great interest in science and particularly Medicine. Despite the abundance of medical programs in Italian, Eduardo has decided to go for the hard journey in a foreign language, as he firmly believes in the importance of internationalization. He chose La Sapienza for its worldwide fame and the charm of the eternal caput mundi. In 2013 he also set up a forum dedicated to his course. www.ims-sapienza.com
Edoardo T. (Rome)

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