Tuition fees in Pavia

The tuition fees in Pavia are made of a fixed costs part and variable costs part. The variable part is based on the socio-economic status of the student and his/her family. Family income and assets are taken into account to calculate the so called ISEE index of the student. Then this index is used to determine how much should the student pay.

The Uni has published an official calculator for non-Italian students here. If you see some sort of security warning it’s ok. In the form under “Select your course” you should select “Medicina e Chirurgia Lauree Specialistiche / Magistrali a Ciclo Unico – Area 4“. The number of people currently living in your home should include you too.

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The actual fees are in the range between 483-4110 Euro per year. If your parents are earning 100000 euro a year and have 2-3 apartments you will be closer to the 4110 but otherwise most students are somewhere between 500-2000 euro/year.

Independent students

If you are no longer supported by your family and would like to apply as independent student, there are some rules and limitations. You need to be able to prove:

  1. Documents approving that you are living in a seperate house/flat for at least 2 years and that your place of living does not belong to your family
  2. That you have been working as empoyee for the last two years while earning more than 7999 euro (/year) in a business not owned by your family.

If you’re not able to prove the two points above, then you need to apply as regular (supported) student.


Some official info can be found here on the University website.

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)