Private Med Schools

To give you a more complete picture of the medical education possibilities in Italy, I will briefly mention the private international medical schools.

Private medical schools that offer English medical programs are relatively new in Italy. Unlike public medical schools, the private ones are not funded by the Italian government, and therefore the tuition fees are comparable to other private medical schools in Europe (around 9000+€ / year).

The private med schools hold their own admission exams. In the case of Humanitas University, the test is called the IMAT (as is the admission test for the public universities). The only similarity with the public university MAT is in the question format. The Humanitas IMAT is held on a separate date. The results of the public and Humanitas IMATs are not interchangeable.

Here are some private international medical schools, their approximate tuition fees (as of 2019), and their admission exams:

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