Private Medschools


To give you a more complete picture of the medical education possibilities in Italy I will briefly mention the private International Medical schools.

Private medical schools that offer English medical programs are relatively new in Italy. Unlike Public medical schools, the private ones are not funded by the Italian goverment and therefore the tuition fees are comparable to other private medical schools in Europe (around 9000+€ / year).

Those med-schools hold their own private admission exams, which some of the Universities call IMAT as well, although those only similarity with the “public” IMAT is in the question format. The “private” IMAT is held on separate date(s) and for each private Medical school speperately. Also the results of the “public” and “private” IMATs are not interchangeable. Where the public IMAT is one and held for all public medical courses, the “private” IMATs are several and are held seperately for each private medical school.

Here are some Private International Medical schools in Italy and their approximate tuition fees (as of 2014):

  • Cattolica Univesity, Rome – 7,000€-16,000€ /year for EU (20 places);    15,600€ /year for NON-EU (30 places)
  • Humanitas Medical school, Milan – 10,000€ – 16,000€ /year

    The IMAT of Humanitas is also made by Cambridge with the same format, but without any assistance by MIUR like for the real IMAT (so the exam is noticeably easier) . Cambridge assessments hosts and runs the tests, and the conditions and syllabus are the exact same as the public IMAT.
    It is a good practice for the state IMAT, but it lacks the odd very demanding questions the public IMAT may have (which can potentially fool students).

    The non-EU test for IMAT is however not made by Cambridge. Humanitas don’t state this publicly but Camridge confirms. (source: Humanitas’ student)

  • San Rafaele International MD, Milan – 19,640€/year

Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)

Alex is a graduate of Harvey Medical course in English, taught in Pavia University and the founder of MEDschool.it. He currently pursuits his carrier in Ophthalmology and ophthalmic gene therapy research in Germany.
Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)