How do you apply for a clinical residency after graduation in Italy?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Recognition and GratuationHow do you apply for a clinical residency after graduation in Italy?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hello, first of all, I want to thank you guys for this amazing site, I find answers to almost all my questions 🙂
I have a few others about residency :
-How do you apply for residency in Italy ?
-Did the graduates from the pavia class of 2015 manage to get the residency programms they wanted ?
-Is a student from an italian medical school more likely to land the residency spot he wants compared to a student from an international italian medschool?
-As an non-EU graduate, do you have as many chances to get into a particular residency programm as an EU-student, or an italian one ? Or is it like the french system :  priority to native students and then they have quotas for foreigners
-How competitive are the surgical redidencies ?
-If i want to come back to the US, will I have enough time to prepare the USMLE and keep up with my studies  ?

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Erik Campano (Milan)Erik Campano (Milan) Staff answered 2020 years ago

Hi! Thanks for your kind words! Your questions in order (to the best of my ability):

  • Residencies in Italy are distributed via a national ranking following an exam that graduates take some months after finishing their degree.
  • We don’t yet have results on residencies from the Pavia class of 2015. They are waiting for medical licensing documentation from Rome.
  • There’s no difference between landing residencies in Italy for English and Italian programs. Everyone takes the same exam (which is, notably, in Italian).
  • As far as I know, there’s no priority to native students in Italy. At least, I’ve never heard of such a thing.
  • General surgery is moderately competitive; the others vary. A list of necessary scores for each residency can be found here.
  • Many students prepare the USMLEs while studying medicine in Italy. It’s been done for decades here.
Elle answered 2 months ago

HI can you please tell me more about the exam to get accepted into residency in Italy? When is it given? How does one apply? How long is the exam, how many questions, and so on? I LOVE Italy–I lived there many years ago and am finishing up med school and would LOVE to go back! Thank you so much for any insights you can give me.

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