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Anonymous asked 2019 years ago

Hello, first of all, I want to thank you guys for this amazing site, I find answers to almost all my questions 🙂
I have a few others about residency :
-How do you apply for residency in Italy ?
-Did the graduates from the pavia class of 2015 manage to get the residency programms they wanted ?
-Is a student from an italian medical school more likely to land the residency spot he wants compared to a student from an international italian medschool?
-As an non-EU graduate, do you have as many chances to get into a particular residency programm as an EU-student, or an italian one ? Or is it like the french system :  priority to native students and then they have quotas for foreigners 
-How competitive are the surgical redidencies ?
-If i want to come back to the US, will I have enough time to prepare the USMLE and keep up with my studies  ?

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Erik Campano (Milan)Erik Campano (Milan) Staff answered 2019 years ago

Hi! Thanks for your kind words! Your questions in order (to the best of my ability):

  • Residencies in Italy are distributed via a national ranking following an exam that graduates take some months after finishing their degree.
  • We don’t yet have results on residencies from the Pavia class of 2015. They are waiting for medical licensing documentation from Rome.
  • There’s no difference between landing residencies in Italy for English and Italian programs. Everyone takes the same exam (which is, notably, in Italian).
  • As far as I know, there’s no priority to native students in Italy. At least, I’ve never heard of such a thing.
  • General surgery is moderately competitive; the others vary. A list of necessary scores for each residency can be found here.
  • Many students prepare the USMLEs while studying medicine in Italy. It’s been done for decades here.