How many days to enroll once assigned?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Admission and requirementsHow many days to enroll once assigned?
Anon asked 3 months ago


Does anyone know how many business days do I have to enroll once I am assigned? Some people said 7, others said 4 business days (including the day the result is published).

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Anon answered 3 months ago

Official statement : “All eligible candidates with either ASSEGNATO or PRENOTATO status must complete their enrolment
procedure within a maximum of 4 (four) days, including the day in which the updated ranking was
published and not including Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.”

Anon answered 3 months ago

Alright! Given that it is published on a wednesday and that weekends don’t count, I would need to be there monday the latest, correct?

Anon answered 3 months ago

Yes, that’s correct. You should check the opening times and the location where to register. In my case it wasn’t the student’s office, so I lost a day.

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