how much time does it takes to prepare for IMAT?

Questions and AnswersCategory: IMAT Admission examhow much time does it takes to prepare for IMAT?
AvatarPouria Nasiri asked 1 month ago

Hello, i want to know that is it possible to prepare for IMAT in 3 Month as a Non-Eu?, do i have any chances? 

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AvatarAmir Givehei answered 3 weeks ago

That depends on yourself Pouria. If u wonna bag an almost definite entry, study hard for 2 months and then work on previous IMAT tests and choose Naples university. with an average score of 20, u should be able to do it. but my advice is not to rush it. do your best and go for a better university. if u wonna put ur life in medicine, do it properly. 

AvatarCheema answered 1 week ago

non Eu student visa procedure is after the admission or their must be pre enrolment

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