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AvatarAlireza Hajiuni asked 9 months ago

Hi dear/madam:
I have some questions about the next year IMAT exam:
When should we apply for new year IMAT test in 2019? When the registration process will start?
How many universities is possible to chose for medicine in a year in Italy for registration? I mean, How many priorities do we have?
For me as a non-EU student, Is any difference between doing the TEST in Italy or in other introduced countries?
Thank you
Best regards

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Avatararman answered 8 months ago

Hello Mr.Hajiuni
At first i wanna tell you sth about med schools in italy. Most of them are approved by iranian government but some of them are not. For instance If the ranking of that specified universities is below 800 worldwide so it is approved. I told you this thing because i think you are iranian.
the registration process will be published as soon as the attendant of imat program decide. but i think it would be the same as last year. 
at last there are no differences between non-eu students whom takes the exam in italy nor other introduced places.
I wish you good luck. 

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