Is a USA GED diploma excepted for application to the Medical schools in Italy?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Admission and requirementsIs a USA GED diploma excepted for application to the Medical schools in Italy?
AvatarNoemi asked 1 year ago

I am currently a student in college in the US and I’m wondering if a GED diploma is excepted in the Italian Medical schools as a high school diploma? I am considering apply for the English medical program in Italy, and so I’m curious if they would except my GED as sufficient. I also have 36 or more credit hours of college in addition to that. Another question I have is since I am a US citizen and also a Romanian citizen under which citizenship can I enter and or which one would be more beneficial ?  Thank you so much for your time !

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Alex Ochakovski (Pavia)Alex Ochakovski (Pavia) Staff answered 1 year ago

Italian medical schools will accept anything that the local Italian embassy would approve as part of issuing the “Dichiarazione di valore” document (DV). The DV is a conformity statement issued by the embassy to confirm that your diplomas are recognized and suffice for enrollment to the medical school in Italy. We have a quick guide about applying from the US here (although it lacks info on GED) and we would be glad if you’d contact the embassy and help us complete the picture.

AvatarAnon answered 9 months ago

Does anyone have an answer for this or also has a GED? Please share your experience with us. Would a GED with three APs in the science subjects be recognized by MIUR, and as a result getting the DV? Thanks 

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