Is there any advantage of having English certificate?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Admission and requirementsIs there any advantage of having English certificate?
AvatarAnonymous asked 2021 years ago

Hello, I am planning to apply for the IMS Milan for this year. So I will take the IMAT 2016 on this upcoming September. I am from non-EU and my first language isn’t English. I heard that there are some advantage of having the English knowledge certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL etc. Is it true? If it is true then where do I need to submit those while applying to university?

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AvatarAnonymous answered 2021 years ago

Great that you are applying! For the admissions process and academic program, there is no formal advantage to having an English-language certification. However, in order to pass the IMAT, you need to have strong English skills. Program administrators say that normally, a minimum B2 (advanced intermediate) on the European common framework is required. To study at IMS Milan, you also, of course, must have very strong English — enough to follow and read dense scientific literature.

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