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AvatarEnzo asked 7 months ago

Hi there,
The Unibo ranking for Non-Eu has come out but my score was slightly insufficent to get a spot. However, I see that my score would have been enough to rank in my 2nd choice uni Bicocca. 
Is there a chance I can reallocate to Bicocca? If so, how do I go about doing this?

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Avataranon answered 7 months ago

If there is a free spot in Bicocca you might have a chance.
It’s explained here: https://acadimat.com/blog/about-the-imat/free-spots-non-eu-students-work/

Avataranon answered 7 months ago

Maybe someone does not enroll to Unibo.
See also here for more Information https://acadimat.com/blog/about-the-imat/scrolling-non-eu-students/

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