Non-EU resident abroad wondering about acceptance.

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AvatarLuke de Goede asked 11 months ago

I am a non-EU applicant from the United States and I am confused about how the application process works. When I take the IMAT am I applying for all the schools or just 1? I heard that you can rank your schools so if I don’t get accepted to my first choice can I get into another school? Also how many people apply as Non-EU on average? And what score should I aim for in order to be accepted? 

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AvatarAnon answered 11 months ago

You can apply for more than one university but for Non-EU the first choice is far more important, because for Non-EU candidates the university will always prioritize candidates who picked that university as their first choice.
see here for more details: https://acadimat.com/blog/about-the-imat/scrolling-non-eu-students/
Haven’t seen any statistics on how many Non-EU apply. For 2017 the minimal scores can bei found here: https://www.medschool.it/medschools-italy/compare-all-medical-schools-rankings/

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