Relevance of choice number for eu applicants

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AvatarMali Junge asked 1 year ago

Hi there, just reading through the application process and I’m not sure if I understood in what way the choice order of universities is relevant. Is it simply your preference? Or is there more to consider? (e.g. some universities only let you enroll if you put them first choice, or applicants that put your second choice as their first choice get in before you do, in case you IMAT score was too low for your first choice?)  This is a great website and really making me look forward to studying in Italy. (Fingers crossed!) Thank you so much! 

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AvatarAnon answered 1 year ago

The order is important when it comes to assignment to an university. You’ll be booked or assigned in order of your choice. E.g.:

  • you chose Milano first, Bologna second, Torino third
  • you scored 60 points in IMAT
  • In the first round 70 points are needed for Milano, 55 for Bologna, 50 for Torino -> you are booked to Bologna, Torino is off your list
  • you decide to wait for the next round and now the score for Milano is down to 55, because a lot of the Italians in front of you opted out of IMAT (which happens quite often) -> you’re now assigned to Milano, and must enroll to Milano. Bologna is out
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