Siena Dentistry IMAT Results URGENT!!!

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AvatarPjoshi asked 8 months ago

I have recently received my results, I’m a Non-EU resident in Italy so the national ranking applies to me.
My score is 44.7, with my first choice being Siena, however it is showing that I do not have enough score to get in Siena or any of my first 9 choices- (Siena, Tor-Vergata, Sapienza etc).
Can someone please advise me what to do at the moment? I wish to do dentistry at Siena as its the only English course.

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AvatarAnon answered 8 months ago

Be patient and keep expressing your interest.
You’ll be assigned to Siena in one of the next rounds without any doubt with that score. From the first 500 Imat candidates approx. 350 have also attended MedIT and are either enrolled, assigned or prenotated. Ranking will scroll fast the next weeks and you’ll be in for sure.

AvatarAnon answered 8 months ago

only 4 have been assigned to Siena, so no need to get nervous yet

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