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AvatarAnon asked 8 months ago

Hey guys!

So, the list has finally come out.
I know that there is an explanation for each concept on the website page. 
However, I haven’t really grasped the difference between being on a waiting list and “not ranking”.
Does anyone happen to know and could explain in a didactic way?

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AvatarAnon answered 8 months ago

I’ll try:
“waiting” means that someone who has a lower score than you was assigned or prenotated. Unfortunately all univeriversities you chose have been allocated to other applicants.
“Not ranking” means that you did not reach the score required for any university this round.
FYI: According to a quick analysis from our friends from this forum (https://ammissionemedicina.forumfree.it/?t=71444337&st=1110) from the first 500 IMAT candidates assigned 304 are assigned or have already enrolled to Med Italy and 47 are prenotated to Med IT. It’s very likely that many will not enroll to IMAT. So if your status is “waiting” you have good chances.

AvatarAnon answered 8 months ago

Oh, great! Very didactic! Thank you! =D

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